Why not try AI and see what it can do for you?  QuantaVerse offers a number of ways you can get a taste of AI for financial crime.

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QuantaVerse’s CCO (Chief Compliance Officer) Checkup is an analysis that financial institutions can use to test the effectiveness of their existing AML programs.

Our Checkups employ the QuantaVerse AI Financial Crime Platform to test the effectiveness of financial institution’s AML programs. Give us a few months of your transaction data and we will find the “false negatives” or anomalous behaviors that your transaction monitoring system (TMS) is missing.

QuantaVerse’s CCO Checkup makes it easy to try AI without making a long-term commitment. As part of the CCO Checkup, we will analyze a month of previously unflagged transactional data and provide participating financial institutions with a QuantaVerse Financial Crime Investigation Report (FCIR) detailing the five cases determined to represent the greatest risk to the institution. The FCIR will also include all necessary supporting documentation for analysis by an AML investigator and creation of a suspicious activity report (SAR) as required.

The CCO Checkups that QuantaVerse has performed for financial institutions to date have detected thousands of end clients who had originated suspicious transactions, representing tens of millions of dollars of likely illicit cash flows. Can your financial institution afford that risk? Schedule a CCO Checkup today to quickly and easily evaluate our AI-powered solution.

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QuantaVerse can provide a proof of concept within weeks. Our solutions are easy to implement and configure within your existing systems.