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HRER Fast Start

The manual nature of high-risk entity (HRE) reviews make them a time-consuming cost sink for AML/BSA teams. Top AML investigators must manually sift through customer data and a multitude of disparate databases, then root around on the web in an attempt to evaluate customer risk. The process is especially time-consuming when evaluating highly active customers, but even dormant or declining accounts demand regular attention.

The QuantaVerse High-Risk Entity Report (HRER) documents risk discovered by the QuantaVerse Financial Crime Investigation Platform. The platform automates the research work required to accurately assess entity risk, such as adverse media, jurisdiction, transactional relationships, and typologies that indicate potential money laundering.

Employing QuantaVerse HRERs has been proven to turn 8-hour HRE reviews into a 1-hour HRE reviews.

QuantaVerse offers HRER Fast Start so customers can quickly realize the benefits associated with automating this area of their AML process.

In 60-days QuantaVerse can launch its High-Risk Entity Reports for your institution and be returning reports that cut your HRE review costs while improving the accuracy and consistency of your high-risk entity efforts. In five easy steps, QuantaVerse can be improving HRE outcomes for your AML/BSA team…

  1. Configure bank-specific risk settings (jurisdiction, LOB, etc…)
  2. Review bank file formats and build mapping if necessary
  3. Accept secure file transfers of high-risk entities and relevant KYC data
  4. Run analytics and produce reports
  5. Return monthly HRER reports for each analyzed entity

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Proof of Concept

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