Structured and Unstructured Data

Structured and Unstructured Data

The QuantaVerse Financial Crime Analysis Platform is designed to examine very large volumes of internal and external, structured and unstructured data in order to identify the suspicious relationships and patterns that can indicate money laundering and other financial crime activity.

Our proprietary algorithms ingest and process data from a wide variety of external sources, many of which go unassessed by organizations today. These data sources include unindexed deep web data; open source public internet data; and government and commercially produced datasets on known financial criminals and other prohibited or high-risk persons or entities.

We also analyze transaction and customer information from disparate operational systems such as KYC platforms to create an unparalleled understanding of legitimate patterns and quickly identify anomalies that are indicative of illicit activities.

Ultimately, QuantaVerse AI agents query and cross-check multitudes of sources to calculate an entity’s reputational risk and present a comprehensive understanding of how that risk was derived.

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