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QuantaVerse Introduces CCO Checkup to Help Financial Institutions Evaluate Artificial Intelligence in Reducing AML-Related Risk

QuantaVerse, the first in the market with AI solutions purpose-built for identifying financial crimes, offers an analysis that financial institutions can use to test the effectiveness of their AML programs. The CCO (Chief Compliance Officer) Checkup is a service whereby QuantaVerse’s AI solution will analyze transaction data to detect “false negatives” or anomalous behaviors that may have been missed by an institution’s existing transaction monitoring system (TMS). 

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QuantaVerse Offers Artificial Intelligence Platform That Helps New York-Based Financial Institutions Comply with New Anti-Terrorism Transaction Monitoring Regulations

QuantaVerse today announced that its artificial intelligence (AI) and data science-powered technology platform is uniquely designed to help banks and other regulated institutions comply with risk-based Anti-Terrorism and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, including the rule recently put into effect by the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS).

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QuantaVerse Wins “People’s Choice Award” at IMPACT 2016 Capital Conference

QuantaVerse was chosen as the winner of the “People’s Choice Award” based on polling of conference attendees at the IMPACT 2016 Capital Conference. From a pool of close to 200 applicants, QuantaVerse was among 45 regional technology companies invited to present at the conference which included institutional investors, venture investors, angels as well as technology professionals. QuantaVerse was one of three companies presenting at the conference to be selected to enter the IMPACT “Lion’s Den” and pitch a panel of notable investors. As a result, QuantaVerse secured offers totaling $300,000 in investment from the “Lions.”

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