AI in Action


How a Main Line company helps banks crack down on human traffickers

QuantaVerse, founded in 2014, combines data science with artificial intelligence in order to track and identify transactions by shady users: like money launderers, terrorist financiers or, as shown in a documentary released last week by The Economist, human traffickers. Philly, March 30, 2018  (Read More)


How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Overcome Challenges in Correspondent Banking Relationships

Artificial intelligence-based systems, unlike TMS, can detect patterns of behavior, analyze the intent of those patterns and expose anomalous activities. For example, transactions that do not follow the usual frequency and directional patterns expected for a given type of account may not be flagged by a TMS, but would be identified with an effective AI solution.

ACAMS Today, March 20, 2018 (Read More)


How can banks be used to stop human trafficking?

Human trafficking is devastating for the victims but low-risk for the criminals, whose activities are largely hidden from view. To disrupt it, law enforcement is turning to some unlikely new partners—banks.

The Economist, March 20, 2018 (Read More)