FCPA / Anti-Bribery & Corruption Solutions

More than one trillion U.S. dollars are estimated to be involved in worldwide acts of bribery and political corruption each year. These crimes siphon off foreign aid and steal national revenue impeding developing nations from achieving stability, recovering from disasters, and realizing growth. Companies face increased pressure to comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) including the management of third-party risk.

By utilizing QuantaVerse’ s AI solutions, companies are better equipped to comply with the FCPA:  

QuantaVerse FCPA Risk Identification and Investigator

By analyzing massive amounts of corporate financial data, discerning patterns, and quickly identifying where exceptions or anomalies exist, this solution unveils FCPA risks without having to rely on whistleblowers. In addition to identifying FCPA risk, this solution automatically compiles information that is required to investigate cases.

QuantaVerse Third Party Agent Risk Identifier

This solution gives risk managers better insight into the behaviors of third party agents that may be generating outsized risk for the firm.  This type of analysis is a growing regulatory burden driven by the need to understand the actions of agents and other third parties acting on a multinational’s behalf.  This solution identifies those agents that may be in violation of FCPA or ABC statutes for their own benefit.