Recent advances in technology and an increasing internal focus on efficiency and effectiveness present an opportunity for compliance professionals to yield significant organizational benefits. However, how can these advances be used in real-world situations, and how do they meet expectations of auditors and regulators?

In this webinar, Bci Miami, the largest Chilean bank operating in the U.S. and QuantaVerse, explore the role of technologies, such as AI and machine learning, in automating complex and human-led processes in AML programs. The webinar covered the following topics:

  • The many possible opportunities available for automation (where AI makes sense, and where it doesn’t)
  • How to apply recent innovations to your enterprise (e.g., what are machine learning and natural language processing and how can these techniques help your compliance department)
  • Case studies of successful automation including what worked, what didn’t, and what the impact was
  • How auditors and regulators view the advances in technology and how you can validate the results


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