Wayne, PA, July 19, 2016 – QuantaVerse, a data science company founded specifically to help financial services companies, today announced it has secured new financing from private equity investors. This latest round of funding has raised the current investment in QuantaVerse to $1.5 million, and will enable QuantaVerse to accelerate its growth and scale its advanced data science platform to meet growing demand by banks and financial services firms.

Purpose‐built for the banking industry and its unique business and compliance challenges, QuantaVerse solutions apply data science techniques, technology, automation and financial industry insider know‐how to help banks address their AML (Anti‐Money Laundering), BSA (Bank Secrecy Act), KYC (Know Your Customer) and other related requirements and regulations. QuantaVerse solutions are comprised of processes and systems designed to examine very large internal and external, structured and unstructured volumes of data in order to produce insights and identify suspicious relationships and patterns that can indicate money laundering and other illegal activity.

“This latest round of financing is further validation of our data science‐powered solutions and proven go‐to‐ market strategy,” said David McLaughlin, CEO of QuantaVerse. “Support from our equity investors is enabling us to accelerate the advancement of our technology which will reduce the risk of our customers running money laundering, terrorism financing, drug trade and other financing crimes through their banks and, in doing so, decrease the cost of regulatory compliance.”

“The QuantaVerse team is in the midst of building something really remarkable and I’m proud to support their efforts,” said Arthur Spector, Managing Director of Safeguard International. “Their management team has decades of experience in the financial services industry and understands the complexity of the issues. I believe the software platform they have developed will make a difference in fighting financial crime.”

Led by a seasoned group of financial industry veterans, QuantaVerse’s management team includes Founder and CEO David McLaughlin, COO Phil McLaughlin and CTO Kelly Torrence. Other key executives at QuantaVerse include Senior Software Engineer Oleg Koslovsky and Data Scientist Dr. Leandro Loss, PhD.

About QuantaVerse

QuantaVerse is the emerging leader in data science‐powered risk reduction and revenue growth solutions, purpose‐built for the global banking industry. Founded by financial services industry veterans and innovators, QuantaVerse solutions employ proprietary data science algorithms, integrate and filter internal bank data and related external data – including public Internet data, unindexed deep web data and government and commercial datasets – to help the global banking industry to significantly improve their compliance with AML, KYC and BSA regulations and requirements. QuantaVerse solutions also drive revenue by turning KYC data into strategic insights about the markets and customers they serve. To learn more how QuantaVerse can help your financial institution, please contact us at (610) 465‐7320.

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