Cut Compliance Costs and Lower Risk by Automating AML Processes

Cut Compliance Costs and Lower Risk by Automating AML Processes

The QuantaVerse Financial Crime Investigation Platform uses RPA, AI, and machine learning to automate data gathering, identify financial crime and document findings. Our solutions have proven to make AML case adjudication and reporting more effective and more efficient.

​Reduce AML Operations Risk – Comprehensive data gathering and validated analytics deliver the consistent findings and uniform reporting you and your regulators require

Gain Control of AML Costs – Multiply the efficiency of your investigation team by eliminating up to 40% of false positives before they’re generated and by cutting 70% of investigation time through automation of data gathering and analysis

Address Regulator Expectations – Create consistency across your AML/BSA program with innovative solutions that deliver the timely, transparent, and fully-explainable findings that regulators expect

Drive Out Risk… and Financial Crime – Find the risk your current systems are missing and drive criminals and terrorist organizations out of your institution

AI for Financial Crimes

Preventing criminals from laundering illicit proceeds, funding terrorism, or committing other financial crimes has never been more critical and the cost of achieving those objectives has never been so high.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are ideally suited to identifying financial crimes and can radically reduce the costs associated with last-generation AML technology.

The QuantaVerse AI solutions helps identify bad actors and push fraud, bribery, and corruption out of your organization reducing your risk at a lower cost than your current, ineffective solutions and systems.

Anti-Money Laundering


Easy – Purpose-built for financial crime, QuantaVerse seamlessly links to your existing systems and processes
Fast – Quickly configurable and intuitive to use, QuantaVerse produces results in weeks not month (or years)
Cost Justified – Do more with your current investigative resources even as demands grow
Proven – Third-party validated and deployed in institutions just like yours, QuantaVerse has analyzed hundreds of millions of entities.

QuantaVerse Financial Crime Investigation Reports (FCIRs) present information discovered by the QuantaVerse Financial Crime Investigation Platform, detailing critical information and analysis including transactional relationships, negative news, money laundering typologies, and more. The FCIR provides risk scores calculated by the QuantaVerse machine learning engine along with information needed to make a final adjudication and the narratives required to clear or SAR a case.

  • Turn a 15-minute triage into a 5-minute triage
  • Turn a 3-hour investigation into a 1-hour investigation
  • Turn a 5-hour high-risk entity (HRE) review into a 1-hour process

In addition to cutting the time investigators spend on each case, FCIRs increase the consistency with which SARs are reported, making audits faster and regulators more confident in your AML program.

QuantaVerse offers three distinct AML solutions that prove invaluable when working independently or in conjunction with each other:

  • QuantaVerse False Positive Reduction
  • QuantaVerse Automated Investigations
  • QuantaVerse Advanced Detection